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It came from Allison Epstein

Behind the story of "Pandemonium,” published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 18 November 2016.

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A Beginner's Guide to Plant Care | Rathalla Review Spring 2017

Maybe those years of crying at all the wrong times—the last scene of Beauty and the Beast, my cousin scorching the dirty shore of Lake Lansing setting off fireworks, a band in an Irish pub playing Gordon Lightfoot's "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald"—have ruined me for crying when it's appropriate.

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An Anxious Person’s Guide to Political Resistance in the Trump Era

Anxious or not, none of us can afford to sit back and let the chips fall where they may. Because the chips will not fall in our favor.

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Seven by Two and a Half | New Zenith Magazine

It was not a shop you happened on by accident. Around the corner from St. Pancras, it was nevertheless miles from thought, from sense, from intention. Continents could shift between the thoroughfares of daily progress and Hammond Street, where Tom Nashe sold caskets to order.

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Pandemonium | Metaphorosis Magazine

Belial sighed as the Brown Line clattered overhead, sending aftershock tremors through the tracks to the pavement. He kicked a stray chip of gravel ahead of him as he walked, his hands pressed deep in his pockets. “I hate this city,” he muttered, mostly to fill the nearly deserted street with the sound of his own voice. “Too much fucking iron.”

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Delilah | Sweater Weather Magazine

He feels his father’s indifference like a cramp in his stomach.
He’s no longer a child, not anymore—there’s no reason to think about any of this. Sometimes he wonders if "childhood” was a thing other people had, like lake houses or great-aunts who wrote you checks in birthday cards that came three weeks too late.

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5 Reasons Why Feminist Grammarians Should Embrace the Singular “They”

I have stronger feelings about em dashes than most people do about the November election. That said, it might surprise you that I’ve been sneaking an error into almost every piece I edit. Hold onto your hats, folks. It’s time to talk about singular “they.”

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The Huffington Post

7 Ways to Host a Thanksgiving Dinner That Supports Eating Disorder Recovery

If you're hosting Thanksgiving for a guest with a history of food-related issues, you can't eliminate every single trigger from your table. But there are some small things you can do that will have a huge impact -- for them, and for all your guests....

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The Huffington Post

6 New Year's Resolutions to Boost Your Body Image in 2016

With the wave of pressure to start often-dangerous crash diets and begin exercise routines our bodies aren't ready for, all in the name of weight loss -- despite the evidence that weight and health are entirely different beasts -- resolution season can do more harm than good....

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Fourth Shift | 200 CCs

It wasn’t a glamorous way to die, but he’d never liked attention. Not like Scott McKenna, who drove his Pontiac off the 496 overpass when the Grand River plant closed. Scott had style and an axe to grind, and everybody knew it. The State Journal had a field day.

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Hamilton: Wiping the Whitewash off American History

So what is it about Hamilton that captured the nation’s imagination? Speaking as someone with a weird historical crush on A. Ham since fifth grade, sure, the subject helps. But more important is the way Miranda redefines what it means to lay claim to a country’s history.

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Solstice Review: Summer 2016

Short story "Nothing Can Keep the Spiders Away" featured in Ugly Sapling's summer 2016 Solstice Review, available in print and ebook.

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4 Reasons to Break Up With Your Fitness Tracker

If you, like me, struggle to distance yourself from that pesky pedometer in your pocket, these four facts might help you make the break for good.

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Privilege and Allyship: What They Look Like, and What You Can Do

The Adios Barbie staff recently sat down for a round-table discussion on what privilege is, where it shows up, and what it looks like to constantly challenge ourselves to do — and be — better. Our conversation was difficult at times, but always valuable, and we hope it sparks a similar discussion within your circle.

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The Huffington Post

Why I Have No Intention Of Loving My Body

After spending the past three years in recovery from anorexia, this is the climax of my body image journey. This is my Everest. This is as good as it gets....